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Review on the Auramics track “Founders of Time” at Barry Gruff Music Blog: “Auramics - 'Founders of Time’: "Bewitching, beguiling & beautiful..One of the finest tracks to be released all year”

06.26.17: Thanks to Allison of the music group Lake Ruth for including Auramics on this lovely Twin Peaks / Lynch inspired Spotify mix tape.

03.12.17: Thanks to Shroom Tunes for including us in this lovely mix that aired on Friday with some lovely friends and musicians such as Death and Vanilla, The Galaxy Electric, Candy Claws, Stereolab, Children of Alice (Broadcast), Pram,  etc! 

01.19.16: Thanks to The Deli Magazine for including Auramics in the Best of NYC 2015 Poll for the Psych/Dreampop Category in honorable mention for emerging artists. Cheers.

01.05.16: “A Clock Ticks” Thanks Spiked Candy, for this lovely “clock themed” mixtape feat. our Auramics track “Founders of Time” along with Ghost Box’s The Focus Group, Broadcast, Piero Umiliani, Flying Lotus,Still Corners and many other library recordings.

12.24.15: “Founders of Time” in Favourite 100 tracks of 2015

12.17.15: Thanks Airing Cupboard for including our song “Founders of Time” in “Top 20 Tracks of 2015” along with Death And Vanilla, Jane Weaver and Still Corners. Cheers.

12.14.15: “Founders of Time” in Afrodelia’s chart “Seductive Sounds”

12.11.15" Thanks to Wolf Songs For Lambs for featuring Auramics “Founders of Time” on your radio show in athens, greece along with Julia Holter, AIR and others at Intersonik Radio.

12.03.15: Auramics “Founders of Time” Now available on iTunes!

10.29.15: Review on the Auramics track “Founders of Time” at Barry Gruff Music Blog: “Auramics - 'Founders of Time’: "Bewitching, beguiling & beautiful..One of the finest tracks to be released all year”

10.7.15: Press on the Auramics tune “Founders of Time” at The Sunday Experience: “Disquieting, woozy and very much seductively calibrated in a delightfully kooky late 60’s shimmer toning, this folks is Auramics, a Brooklyn based duo by the name of Kristi and Glenn whose spectral sepia shaded gem stone ‘founders of time’ demurs and delights with an uncannily ethereal ghostliness…”

10.3.15: “Founders of Time” press at Sound Injections:

9/3/15: The Auramics​ track “Founders of Time” will premier on 10.3.15. {{{{}}}} It will be released and available for download and also a part of a set of 3 limited picture disc records for a secret overarching art project we were asked to contribute to for your eyes n ears to feast upon very soon.

4/14/15: Press on the Auramics tune “Slanted Skies” at Sound Injections: A staggering psych soul that carries a noir pop atmosphere and should soundtrack the…”

2/3/15: Auramics on Feb 2015 radio show along with Machinedrum / Kelis, The Limiñanas & Florence and the Machine. Selected as Track of the month by Electric Sheep (Flynt).

2/1/15: Auramics tunes aired on Sonic Pilgrim Newtown Radio (Williamsburg/Bushwick) Brooklyn, NY radio station.…”

11/21/14: Press on the song “Dagger Cordis” at Sound Injections: “Auramics emit an erotic nostalgia that jumps out of the ’70s with a vintage soul to make you blush...

11/17/14: Psychedelic Sounds for my Soul: “Auramics - Dark Side of Psych Pop”

11/02/14: WNYU Radio "HA HA Sound”: Auramics “Mysterious World” aired on the Radiophonic/ Psychedelic Setlist “Ha Ha Sound”