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Our new Auramics track “Founders of Time” will premier on 10.3.15 and is a part of art & sound project and concept album called “X Sounds”, that we were honored to contribute to for Burlei of San Francisco, a record label and art curation depot. It features different musicians and music with household sampled sounds alongside photography. 
The XSounds music & photography as well as a documentary making of, will be on display at an art gallery in Nashville called Fort Houston the same day this Saturday if you are in the area. This concept album will be available on limited edition double sided 7-inch picture discs that you can pre-order today. Our track will also be available for download at and on Burlei’s bandcamp on 10.3.15. More info about the XSounds Project at‪#‎auramics‬ ‪#‎foundersoftime‬ ‪#‎xsounds‬