🍒🍒🍒 Huge thanks to SeinPeaks🦉 for featuring Auramics 👁️ today on “The Other Side Of Darkness” 👽 Podcast (where Seinfeld 🥗🥨 and Twin Peaks ⛰️⛰️ collide)

🍒🍒🍒 Huge thanks to SeinPeaks🦉 for featuring Auramics 👁️ today, 06/25, as the musical guest on the glorious, new “The Other Side of Darkness” 👽 podcast (where Seinfeld 🥗🥨 & Twin Peaks ⛰️⛰️ collide) w/ song ‘Founders of Time’ 🎶 & Seinfeld cast member…Melanie Smith interviewed! (Jerry’s girlfriend “Rachel” on the show). @melaniesmithofficial 

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Episode 06/25/2021 ❤️ 

Damn fine, coffee flavored babka! My log 🪵 has something to else say… this fall, on the podcast, there will be a brilliant Seinfeld meets Twin Peaks original audio story, written by SeinPeaks’ Jesse Brooks. Listen as the brilliant cast and crew raise Lanie Palmer from the crypt! A cultural mashup of the best slice of 90s cherry nostalgic pie. 🍒 Congrats to my funny friend, writer, and SeinPeaks créateur, Jesse! 

The Other Side of Darkness (podcast details): 

What’s the deal with darkness?
“Welcome to The Other Side of Darkness, an episodic Seinfeld parody story that answers a simple question: what if David Lynch wrote an episode of Seinfeld? Produced by Seinpeaks, The Other Side of Darkness will unfold in eight 20-30 minute episodes, published each week beginning this fall. 
Between now and then, I’ll be sharing a series of interviews with cast and crew members from Seinfeld, sharing their memories and stories, as well as some unexpected moments of clarity and intersections with the world of David Lynch. 
Every episode, including this one, will end with a spotlight on a musical artist inspired by, or reminiscent of, the worlds of Twin Peaks and Seinfeld. 
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