👁 ½/2014 throwback. Old Auramics space we shared with a…

👁 ½/2014 throwback. Old Auramics space we shared with a few ppl in Bushwick, Brooklyn off Myrtle, many moons ago. ☾✩☽

It was the first day in there…Forgot how high those ceilings actually were with floating padding hanging from the ceiling on a wood plank. There was a blizzard outside…tracking stuff, I think some of Domino and Vena Cava that day. The now gone, No Vacancy art lofts (now just an event space) a stone’s throw from the old Silent Barn, we shared with a few punk bands. It had a control room behind the photo. We were fortunate, it was a pretty large space. The guy in next room was sawing wood for a sound art installation shaped like shells, they were lamps with speakers in them for a loft party at 285 Kent, one of my favorite venues, that was sadly closing in 3 weeks. Someone else was oil painting down the corridor. It was cold as hell and the space heater broke…#auramics #psychedelic #radiophonic #music #hauntology #newyork #brooklyn #bushwick #musicians