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❤️On the flute. The first time I heard this song, “Tama “ and that special record, “Zero Time” I remember it so vividly…it made me cry. It still does. One of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever heard. So lulling…such loneliness, sadness, heartbreak and longing. Just so lovely and honest. It transcribed everything I felt during that period of time. That I wasn’t really able to articulate. After the show we chatted with him and I said how much I adored this song. And commented on the flute. He smiled widely in his white overalls and said “It’s really beautiful, isn’t it, one of my favorites.” ❤️❤️❤️ Malcolm Cecil on the Flute playing a track from his 1970s project duo Tonto’s Expanding Head Band at @ambientchurch #MalcolmCecil #tontosexpandingheadband #synthesizers #newyorkcity #brooklyn #bushwick #ambientchurch #music #tama #flute